DSTwo+ capability with N3DS 10.3U for DS/GBA games?

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    Jan 12, 2016
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    Hello everyone, sorry if this has been posted a million times, but as i read one review it contradicted with another, so id like real world input. My N3DSXL is soft modded with oot3dshax, ive been playing a few GBA games with mGBA but theres alot of lag issues in the emulator. I like playing rom hacks, and was wondering if the GBA emu on the DSTwo+ is better then what we're getting out of the 3DS hardware? Another question is does the DStwo+ work with firmware, im not trying to run 3DS games, just mainly wish to play a good emulation of GBA games and DS games on my N3DS hardware and not have to pack around two systems on a trip.

    Thanks in advance, Dhall