DSTT & GBA Loader(reccommendations?)

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    Apr 7, 2008
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    So I've recently gotten a DSTT slot-1 reader and I love it. It's a fantastic piece of hardware.

    So now, naturally, I'm looking to get a slot-2 loader so I can take advantage of all the great games in the .gba format, especially with the Mother 3 Fan Translation [here: http://mother2.fobby.net ] (somewhat) nearing completion

    I've done a little research myself, but wanted to take suggestions from others who have done what I'm doing.

    I'm almost certain this is what I'm going to get:

    There's no review for the EZ-Flash IV Lite Compact but they seem to have resolved the issues mentioned in the GBAtemp review for the original IV lite. Also it comes in black, which for me, is a bonus.

    Does anyone know if this cart is compatible with the DSTT? Also, does this - or any other Slot-2 Loader - have the rumble feature built-in?

    Thanks for any and all of your suggestions!