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    From Where???
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    I actually owned this game (called Astrosmash) back when I had an Intellivision along with a total of 74 games. I have all the INTV stuff in a PC emu now, but it's hard to play most of them since INTV had a number pad on the controller, and many games used it quite extensively, so you end up trying to manipulate a joystick and the keyboard......doesn't work out too well. This plays well on a CycloDS. This particular game doesn't use the number pad, so those problems don't exist for this game.

    Really wish Intellivision Lives would get their compilation out. I've been wanting some INTV on my DS. Somehow I'm thinking it may never happen.....it's been what, 3 or 4 years since they announced it? They can't find a publisher who will take a chance on it.

    This is a very simple game, but I just love this old-school stuff.