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    Acekard 2!

    The dstemp.tk review for The acekard 2!

    Before starting, I would like to thank team Acekard for providing me with the review sample.



    2.The packaging and appearance

    3. Setting up/ Gui


    5.Additional information

    6.Score (conclusion)


    The acekard2 is a strong flashcard in the market. It's in some ways, the succesor of the acekard r.p.g. , the card that had a built in 1gb flash memory, along with support for memory cards. But having the built in memory and memory extension support, the card was rather expensive...well now the acekard team has pretty much ripped out the built in memory of the rpg, and made an excellent budget card in the flashcard market. Read on to see if this card is as good as expected to be!

    Advertised features:
    Official Feature List:

    * Perfect Compatibility. No need to convert, No need to flash.
    * Write save file directly to TF card. No more save type selection.
    * Auto patching DLDI. Run homebrew games and programs without convert.
    * Support Soft-Reset. Support Download play. Support Wi-Fi.
    * Support SDHC microSD card. No maximum file limit.
    * Support Action Replay. Built-in editor.
    * Low power consumption. Long playing time.
    * Easy operation. Support pad and touch screen control.
    * Multi-languages. Support Customize Skin.
    * Support launch slot-2. Support expand package.
    * 4 level brightness adjustment.
    * Support reading text files, listening mp3 and watching movie.

    2. Packaging and appearance

    In a sturdy plastic case comes our acekard 2. The back of the package has the advertised features as well as setup. On the front is the Acekard and an included microsd reader, which you will need for transferring files to the acekard

    The box contents:

    1 Acekard2

    1microsd usb reader

    Its nice to see a free usb reader thrown in. And might I mention how sturdy and qood quality the reader seems? It doesnt have the cheap plastic-like look that other free readers come with!

    The appearance of the acekard...:

    I really like how the acekard has a rainbow reflective like surface to it. It really gives the card some quality. Below the acekard 2 logo, you can see a url to the acekard website. There's also a slogan written on it "the real ultimate experience in your hand". It's also notable to mention that the acekard 2 is spring loaded, meaning that it is rather easy to put and take the microsd memory card out. I would also like to mention one minor thing, that when running your finger over the glossy acekard2, you somewhat feel a chip sticking out a bit. But Im happy to say that this doesnt affect insertion into the ds at all. The acekard is truly like a regular gamecard.

    In order,from left to right, you can see the acekard2, m3ds simply, and a commercial gamecard: metroid prime hunters. Above is the Kingston Japan 1gb microsd I'll be using for the revie.

    3.Setting up and Gui


    Download the Acekard2 firmware from www.acekard.com .For the review, Im using version 4.07a15 firmware . When you've done that, extract the files using winrar (google it). Then drag the "__ak2", and the loader itself, "akmenu4.nds" into the root of the microsd card. You have now installed the firmware!


    Once you boot your ds up, do what you do when you select the game, you will see the ak2 logo, go on it...

    You should be seeing 2 icons upon booting: Microsd, which will let you explore your microsd card and play games,music,video ,and homebrew.

    Slot2, which will play anything you have put in your gba slot,including games and flashcards.if you choose microsd, you will be shown everything in your microsd card, locate where you put games and homebrew. When you find a game or application you want to use, scroll over to it and press the A button the boot it.

    Something unique about the ak2 is, If you press the start button ,you will get some stuff similar to this

    "Copy", "Cut", "Delete", and "Paste" you know what they do. You can copy a game in microsd card to get 2of the same files, and stuff like that. This is useful for when your friend wants to play a game but you dont want him playing on your save file...
    "Patches" - Displays the "Patch Options" window, which allows you to toggle Download Play, cheats, and soft-reset.
    "System Options" - Displays the "System Options" window, details below
    "Properties" - Displays the "Properties" window displaying detailed information about the highlighted file.
    "Help" - Displays button commands for the loader

    Overall, I love the Acekard Gui, its very easy to use and is very quick [​IMG]


    For testing performance, I used a 1gb Kingston card. Unfortunately, I dont have an sdhc card with me currently, but Im sure that acekard 2 supports sdhc as it was an advertised feature [​IMG]

    Everything I threw at the acekard seemed to be working %100. Ive encountered NO PROBLEM OR NON-WORKING GAMES!!


    Jump ultimate stars (patched with english translation)-pass

    Golden Eye-rogue Agent-pass

    Viewtiful Joe-double trouble-pass

    Megaman starforce 2 Saurian-pass

    Yoshi island-pass

    New Super Mario Bros-pass

    pokemon diamond-pass


    new super mario bros-pass

    Jump ultimate stars-pass


    Megaman Starforce-pass

    pokemon d-pass

    One thing unfortunate is that th ak2 doesnt support ds-gba compatibility, I mean games like pokemon diamond and pearl cannot use the slot 2 to access games like pokemon ruby and firered...But I know of few cards that support this deature, so overall, this is not a downfall.


    Smash Bros Rumble v3-pass



    Additional Information

    Acekard has many extra features, including:

    1. Booting slot2 devices, including flashcards and games.

    2.Automatic DLDI patching, meaning that most, if not all homebrew games work perfectly!

    3.Media capabilities: The ak2 can play music and video with the use of moonshell, a homebrew app that allows media playing.

    4.Soft reset capabilities: ak2 can soft reset (quit out of games), simply press A+B+L+R and Down to go back to the game list.

    5.Cheat support: the ak2 has a built in action replay!

    6. Skinning: you can give themes to your acekard2.


    This is what you've all been waiting for...the raiting! To sum it up...the ak2 is awesome!


    +Great looking Menu

    +You can copy,paste and such within the Gui, which is rather unique!

    +MicroSDHC support (meaning cards higher than 4gb will work!

    +%100rom compatibility, including wifi and multiplayer support (and download play)

    +many extra features, including auto Dldi and media and soft reset capabilities

    +Cheat support

    +multi language

    +can work as passme

    +menus are very responsive!


    -no gba-nds support(games like pokemon diamond cant coonnect to games like the gba pokemon firered, meaning slot2 cannot be utilised)

    SCORE: 9/10 (Excellent)