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    Motion sensing for your PC

    KeithE has released a small useful app for the DS that in conjunction with a supported motion cart and linker, allows you to turn your DS into a motion sensing PC game pad. Read below for more information.[title:DSPadTilt release notes]Here is an application to turn your DS into a motion sensing USB gamepad. You'll need a DS Motion Card or MK6-motion or R6 gold for the motion sensing, and an MK5 (or clone) GBA slot USB linker. Plug all the cards in, plug the USB cable into your computer, and run the application. Presto - a motion sensing game controller.

    There is no GUI, and no customization/calibration. Calibration can be done with your OS joystick calibration utility. No drivers for the computer are needed.

    I made this several months ago, and was procrastinating releasing it. Darkfader asked for it, so I quickly updated it with the new DS Motion functions, and you can download it here.

    Enjoy![​IMG] Download[​IMG] Source

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