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    Updated Game Gear/Master system emulator

    Alekmaul has released an updated version of DSMasterPlus (a Game Gear and Master System emulator) for the Neoflash competition.


    [title:Changelog and controls] * New interface (thanks again Lobo ^^)

    * New graphic engine for backgrounds

    * Code optimization everywhere

    * Pro Action Replay codes support !!!

    * No more German translation (some sentences are missing).

    * ds motion card support

    Controls :

    * Direction pad or motion card : direction pad

    * A : Fire #1 button

    * B : Fire #2 button

    * X : Fire #1 button

    * Y : Fire #2 button

    * R : SOFT RESET / START Game Gear

    * L : HARD RESET

    * START : START Master System button

    * SELECT : PAUSE button

    Naturally DLDI patching is required.

    [​IMG] WIP compatibility list

    [​IMG] Download centre

    Thanks to dev-fr.org for the news.

  2. laurenz

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    Jun 3, 2006
    You've gotta love the funky 58585 post ID.

    ...This app looks rather cool, too.
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    i have been using this for quite some time now - At least since April when I switched from the other Slot-2 SMS emulator to this one.

    I am thrilled to see the menu/picker re-design - the previous ones (v1.1/1.2) were very sensitive.
  4. chatshi

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    Apr 3, 2006
    Does anyone else have problems with this emulator? I have an M3SD and it never works for me. I patch it with DLDI, and when I run the app it says "fat ok/found", but then freezes there.