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  1. Dahaka_101

    OP Dahaka_101 Newbie

    Mar 1, 2017
    While I have my DSLite with an R4 card running Wood for a few years I never actually bothered about the themes and just stuck with the standerd. It was just not ugly enough to make me annoyed by it, but recently I wanted to 'modernise' my DS look and feel.

    As you all know many of the themes for flashcards out there are very very early 2000's.
    Let's just say that it was fitting for the time back then, but almost non of the themes you can still find have a
    decent look too it. So I had to do something about it myself :)

    With the new Switch coming out in just a few day's I wanted to make a Switch inspired theme
    that matches the modern flat design look. Something modern and more mature.
    So I spend some time watching videos online of people going through the Switch' menu to get a idea of Nintendo's current design.

    Finding the right tools to easily make a theme was more easily then I thought, certainly since any serious development on them has been years ago. But I managed to get a copy of DS Skin Maker 0.48.

    This is my result this far, with just a couple of loose ends I need to fix:

    • So the biggest problem now is that I wanted to have different icons for the folders and cards(first picture), but within the Wood firmware I cannot find where these images are stored. Any help on that would be great, since these icons are also long overdue for a redesign.

    • The second problem that I have is that my brightness control icon is not put on screen. I used the proper file names that work on other themes I used, but for some silly reason the brightness icon is not showing up in the right upper corner like I wanted it there.

    • Lastly I would like to change the word start to settings, as that would better reflect the function of that button. But I have no idea how to accomplish that.

    So hopefully some of you have some idea's on this, and if any of you guys have interest in this skin I will put up a link.
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