DSlite repair: DSL works, but won't charge? Orange LED blinks once, then turns off. (Help, please?)

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    Dec 5, 2016
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    I'm trying to fix up this DS Lite for someone as a gift. Changed out the lower screen for one that wasn't cracked, replaced the breaking shell with a nice pretty new one, etc... and it all works! Turns on, plays games, buttons and touch-screen function fine, it all checks out! ....Except that it won't charge.

    It isn't the charge cord: that cord works fine on my own DSL. It isn't the battery; it sustained it just fine while it had charge. I even swapped it out for the battery in my own DSL, which was charged.

    The fuses seem to be fine, from what I can tell. The power port seems to work; I re-heated the solder under it and tested that the pins connected from the port's end to the solder under the board, and it checked out.

    But when I plug the charger cord up to this DS, it refuses to charge. The orange light comes on briefly, not even for a full second, then goes dark again. Whether the system is on or not doesn't seem to matter in this. I was able to get it to charge when I took the bottom shell piece back off and simply held the battery in place, but it went back to not working once I put it back together, and I took it apart again, and it's refusing to work once more. I'm at a loss.

    Anyone have any suggestions as to what might be wrong with it? What might I try checking out on it next?
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    I know you said that the charger isn't the problem, but maybe it is shorted in a certain way that you didn't notice it with the position of your own DSL. It might also be in the port of the charger that, again, was messed up in a certain way that you didn't notice on your own DSL. Try juggling (or at least moving around a lot) both DSLs with the same charger inserted. You can also try to insert the charger slowly or partially.
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    Aug 15, 2015
    Broken fuse.
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    For the fuse do a resistance check rather than just continuity.