DSLinker (or N-card?) and Mac OS X

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    Jul 6, 2007
    I have a DSLinker with a 16g card. It was a gift, personally I was looking at an R4...

    I use Macs primarily, running the latest version of os X (10.4)

    Whenever I copy files via Mac OSX to the device, they end up corrupted somehow. The file appears to completely transfer but something awry happens somewhere and the Linker cannot read the file properly. Roms appear as 0 bytes in the menu but are all there (they won't play of course). BMP skins get artifacts/errors. This occurs when using the finder, and when using terminal to transfer data. I have tried disk cleaner programs to remove the invisble and other 'mac nasties' that os X puts on foreign formatted drives... none of them help.

    If I hook the unit up to my PC... everything works fine.
    If I boot any of my Mac's into OS9 - Everything transfers just fine too...
    No matter what firmware or xmenu version I try, any data transferred by Mac OS X is corrupted and unusuable.

    Are there *ANY* Mac os X users out there with a DSLinker (or N-Card) happily working together!? The DSLinker forums are as responsive as a brick wall about this.

    This device does NOT work with os X out of the box.

    Its my ferverent hope that there's some obscure OS X specific USB driver out there to make this thing work because I'm >this< close to ordering something that uses the fat 16 or fat 32 format. Os X just doesn't like writing to the flashformat used by the DSLinker/N-Card.


    (apologies for ranting a bit).