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    Oct 24, 2002
    United Kingdom

    DSLink Raffle! All procedes go to a good cause!

    Help to say thanks to homebrew developers

    Good guy and friend of mine; DeVS - an administrator of has set up a raffle where you can win yourself a brand new DSLink and 1GB Micro SD card.
    Tickets are just $5 (approx. £2.60 / €4) and you can buy as many as you like. The raffle will be open for approx. 1 week from now.

    So what's this all about? ALL procedes from the raffle go to DS homebrew developer Lick, the creator of DSLiveFTP, DSLiveJournal, DSLiveWeather and probably more to come. He's a very talented individual and spends time developing these pieces of software asking for nothing in return, and rarely gets a thank you. He'll be free to spend the money how he likes, whether it be to buy himself some new equipment or a few crates of beer!
    This raffle just might be the first of many, as a way of saying thanks to those talented guys who support and make the DS homebrew scene what it is.

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