dslazy crc fix - how to fix save file now?

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    Jan 3, 2008
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    i used dstools to rebuild the header of the mario kart rom after applying the track hack so that it would run on my ak rpg. the saves are not loading even tho the file names are the same. i'm assuming it is because rebuilding the header gave the rom a new crc, and the save file is from the old rom.

    anyone know what i can do to reassociate the old save file with the rom?

    adding on here
    the save and rom are off my r4. ak and r4 saves are interchangable but i'm not 100% sure it works everytime.
    the save files were renamed .sav from .SAV and the akaio firmware set up to be associated with .sav files.

    so far korgds save reformatted itself in some way within the app when i loaded it. korg actually said something alone those lines in text at the bottom and that save while letting me save out, isn't loading the old data. so again i doesn't look like r4 to ak works 100%

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