DSL screens on a DS Phat?

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    Is there a way to replace the screens in a DS Phat with DS Lite screens? If not, why not? Is it the size, voltage levels, just the shape of the cable strips or the connectors, or is it something more sinister?

  2. Psyfira

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    The length and position of the cable strips definitely looks like a problem. If they go to all the trouble of selling different screens for the top and bottom of the Lite just to allow for the cable difference then that implies there isn't an easy way to adjust the length of that cable.

    Theoretically even if the screens plugged in the original DS's battery life might not be up to running them. The DS lite has a much more powerful battery than the DS to compensate for the brighter screens. On top of that the DS firmware only contained 2 brightness settings, if I'm remembering this correctly we know from flashme experiments that some later models of the phat DS could support 4 brightness levels and older ones couldn't, so there has to be something in there below the firmware level driving the screen settings. So even if you could put Lite screens in you might not see the benefits at all.

    This is all theoretical of course, I haven't actually tried (and I know nothing about hardware really [​IMG])
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    I wouldnt think it would work.. sorry
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    Well I think if you managed to get the screens in there, and you did the hack to allow 4 brightness levels, I think it would be ok.
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    My understanding of the situation is different, though just as theoretical. I believe that starting with the v5 firmware DS Phats, they actually replaced the internal components and screens with DSLite-like ones in preparation for the Lite's launch, as it would be silly to have to support two completely separate lines of hardware when the same internals could power both of them. The v5 firmware was merely an internal indicator for Nintendo employees to distinguish the DS Phats that had the Lite-like screens and the ones that didn't. The reason FlashMe allows brightness changing on those DS Phats isn't because of the fact that the firmware is v5, it's because the screens support the extra brightness levels in the first place, and it just so happens that those screens only appear on v5 or higher DS Phats.

    Again though, this is also mostly specuation.