DSL and AK2 upgrade to DSi and AK2i

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by rubejb, May 5, 2009.

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    Mar 14, 2009
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    My current setup is a DS Lite with Acekard 2 4gb Micro SD card. Soon I'll be getting a DSi. I ordered an Acekard 2i in preparation for the new system and I went for an upgrade to an 8gb Micro SD card as well. I just received the SD card, but I'm still waiting for the AK2i.

    So my question is this... if I swap out the 4gb with the 8gb card now, installing the newest AKAIO and the AK2 Loaders, when I get the AK2i and DSi, can I then just take the card out and install it into the AK2i and everything will work fine on the DSi?

    Do I have to change any files? Delete any config files or anything? Will all the old DS lite save files work?

    And to add another layer of confusion... when I get the AK2i, will that work fine in my DS lite, then also work fine once I get the DSi?

    I ask these question only because people have complained of their AK2i cards being killed by certain ROMs, wasn't sure if I might muck something up.

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    Yes, all of that is true. However, AK2i cards have been known to lose their DSi functionality due to certain ROMs, though we don't know why. Not really killed unless you fuck something up.
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    People have said Prof. Layton and Pokemon Platinum may brick the card but they both run fine on my Ak2i. Probably a bad batch of the card or possibly user error.