DsKiosk v1.11

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    DsKiosk v1.11
    Homebrew-Organizing App

    DsKiosk is a stylish homebrew organizer application for your Nintendo DS.
    Select a homebrew game or application icon in the DsKiosk menu to boot up the homebrew (latest thumbnail pack can be downloaded here).
    There is nothing known about what has been updated in this new version. Homebrew Description and download link below.

    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] DsKiosk Website
    [​IMG] Discuss
  2. PuyoDead

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    Can anyone get this to work on a cyclods? It keeps asking for an ini file, which is not included in the zip. I tried making a dummy ini, in hopes of it accepting it, and placing the settings in there, but that didn't work either.
  3. jesterscourt

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    Puyodead, I put it right in the root of my 4 gig card, and I got the same error:
    Guru Meditation
    Could not read ini!

    I'm looking through the support files, and they are not providing all that much insight, here's the Readme babelfished:

    --. - Set up ---.

    Place the file dskiosk.nds to any place on your SDCard, and execute it.

    To begin, it will be necessary to add your favorite homebrews to the list of the available applications. If
    this is the first time that you launch DsKiosk, the adjustability screen will appear automatically.
    Afterward, this is with the button Start of the console that you there will attain. And this is with this
    same button that you will be able to leave the screen of paramétrage.

    --. - Adjustabilitys ---.

    DsKiosk is by default in English when you launch it for the first time. To pass it in French, it suffices to
    go in the party Options and to lean on the button Language.

    --. - Slots ---.

    This is the principal onglet to leave of which will populate you DsKiosk.

    The button Add allows adding an application. Click over, and a dialog can will allow you to define the way for
    the file NDS, and equally the picture (format PNG 16BITS, 64x48).

    DsKiosk is able to detect automatically if a picture is present, if she replies to the one of the two
    following conditions:

    * the picture is located in the same catalog and carries the same name that the application that you want to
    add, with the exception of the extension that must be "nds" (example, you have a game that is called
    monHomebrew.nds, the picture will have to be called monHomebrew.png)

    * the picture carries the name _title.png (and well heard, there can be only a single file of this type in a

    To note that if you do not furnish any file picture, DSkiosk will try to post the icon by default of the
    homebrew; which will well be heard well less pretty (32x32, 16 colors).

    Once you will have validated your choice, your new entry will add at the end of your list of already
    registered programs. You can convert his position into the selecting (support over), and while using the
    buttons Climb and Descend.

    At last, the button To Remove allows eliminating a list entry. The files NDS and pictures will not be on the other hand obliterated of your SDcard. This always is to you to do the housework in your files.

    --. - Options ---.

    You can change the used language in DsKiosk, between the English and the French. Click on the button Language
    to change.

    --. - Infos ---.

    Usage infos: version, author, address website, etc etc...

    --. - To Record your adjustabilitys ---.

    The recording automatically is carried out as soon as you to leave the interface of paramétrage with the
    button Start of the console.
  4. Gerinych

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    Jan 11, 2008
    Look at the flag
    I got it to work.
    I have an R4 and I had to use a DLDI patcher to make it run. I used an older version of this program to make an .ini file and it seemed to work. But like the older version, this one can't run homebrew on my cart, it gets me a white screen. I even DLDI patched the homebrew I'm trying to run, but nothing.
  5. DJ Hobo

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    Aug 27, 2008
    I'm also getting the ini problem.. I've got no idea what to do.. I can't find any tutorials or anything..
  6. jesterscourt

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    Jan 3, 2007
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    Well, I hope there is an updated release that hints at a resolution for this...
  7. jesterscourt

    jesterscourt Not Brad.

    Jan 3, 2007
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