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    Mar 24, 2009
    Hello,I am very interesting on being able to load dsiware games as it does HiyaCFW ,from SD.
    (The part where the firmware based around "SDNAND" which redirects NAND read/write to the SD Card: it use the nand files which are on the sdcard without look the nand itself)

    After reading lots of threads where i read than HiyaCFW should work on 3DS ,and the same happen with DSIMenu++ and the dsiware exploits work on 3ds but i have no seen anyone making it.

    I decided to make it but now ,which i was partial successfull,but i have several question than i hope someone can answer.
    i own a n3ds and i have a original dsi nand backup which works perfectly with no$gba ,but no a real dsi.

    My main objetive was create the boot.nds (from hiyaCFW) and launch them using any of the dsiware exploits as sudokuhax which boot the boot.nds and this boot dsimenu++.

    Later maybe create some file which let access the DSI without loading the 3DS SO.**

    I am doing some tests but i have not been very succesfull already and i need some help to go on.

    In summary the tutorial for installing HiyaCFW on DSI you must make a nand backup (with fwtool.nds or TempNand ) and using it extract , patch and create arm9-bios.rom and arm7-bios.rom.With them you can construct the boot.nds. Also you must extract some fimware files from the decrypted nand and copy to the SD (which would be the fimware HiyaCFW will use).
    The other part is download the dsi-menu and patch it,but having DSIMenu++ we dont need this.(Anyway i did it and the sha1 hash was correct)

    I tried make the tutorial with the dsi nand backup i own but the boot.nds i create doesnt have the sha1 it should.I think it must be the bios files which are no correct,but i dont know why.

    I had some problems with the hiyacfw_helper.py on windows and i re-create the script on DOS bath (I attach the file here;it could be modded easily for being a bash script without the need of python)

    questions :

    1-I was reading the source code of hiyaCFW and i found than most important of the code is to load and use a binary of rocketlauncher.bin for the redirection stuff.is this true? Could be rocketlauncher source code be released?

    2-Are the arm9 and arm7 files needed for create hiyaCFW boot.nds file the same than any of the files than works on no$gba?if not what are the diference and what makes the patches?
    (i have the files biosnds9.rom , biosnds7.rom , BIOSDSI9.ROM , BIOSDSI7.ROM , bios9i.bin and bios7i.bin) .I dont know if it is legal,but could some one send me the files "boot.nds" ,"arm9" and "arm7" bios from a working hiyaCFW?

    3-The files i extracted with fuse-3ds of the dsi nand backup could be changed from the 3ds twl files?I thought than if it doesnt work with the dsi fimware it should do with the dsi fimware included on 3ds.

    4-could be create some tool ,any kind of boot.firm which load "bootcode.dsi" as it did unlaunch on the Dsi?
    Maybe using some code of TWL-HAX?



    ; first function called by PrepareArm9ForTwl
    .org 0x103550 + RELOC_OFFSET

    which could be load on the startup pressing <start> and choose this.
    A lot of thanks for all

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    Mar 24, 2009
    Hello,first said excuse me if i have confused some user with this thread : they are lots of threads about this matters,some are obsolete.
    Also i was looking on old sources (They are two diferent HiyaCFW launcher : one based on rocket launcher and the latest,which is the good one,which use unlaunch).

    Also i did no know than they existed a tool "twl_fim_patcher" which patched the devlauncher SRL which you create tlBg.cxi which is added to luma/sysmodules.

    You can see more here :


    Thanks to all developers
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