DSiWare (Out of Room and Out of Region)

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    I have a N3DS XL Aus 9.0, and I'm trying to be able to run DSiWare on Aureinand 10.6 emunand.
    I've already updated my TWL_Firm, and I can get games to run on sysnand and emunand..

    But, I can't get any USA region games to show up on my menu! Even after using NTR for region free, they do not appear, only the EUR region games show up and work. Is there any workaround to this, or do I need to find 100% EUR DSiWare?

    Also, I've been installing to both the sysnand destination NAND, and emunand destination NAND, but the NAND installations ran out of room extremely quickly and only installed like 10 games. I thought that emunand NAND destination was part of the 2GB partition on the microSD? I'm only trying to install about 300MB of games. How do I get around this? In FBI it says I have 670MB of free space on NAND, but when I go into data management, it tells me I have a ridiculously small amount of free blocks for DSiWare.

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    I recommend installing the patched TWL_firm.cia from "that 3DS ISO site" to get those USA region games to show up. As for the memory problem, your NAND might have more room but your TWL-NAND is separate (Look here), So sorry but there is no way to expand TWL-NAND at the moment.
    Hope this helps you some, PM me if you need help finding the patched TWL_firm.