Gaming DSiWare Multiplayer and Download Play Games List (Definitive) for DSi / 3DS


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Nov 3, 2015
The Nintendo DSi Shop is now defunct, and information about its games was mostly lost or overlooked during its narrow life cycle between the transition from DS to 3DS.
Most of these games are playable on the 3DS family of systems.

Here is my hand-tested list of DSiWare Multiplayer games (Local Wireless and Download Play only)
-This list does not include "hotseat" multiplayer
-This list does not include Nintendo WFC as that service is also defunct.

?-Player Games:
Hearts Spades Euchre (Download Play)
Ante-Up Texas Hold 'Em

2-Player Games:
Absolute Chess (Download Play)
Absolute Reversi (Download Play)
Alt Play: Jason Rohrer Anthology (Download Play)
Animal Boxing
Art Style: BASE 10 (Download Play)
Art Style: Digidrive (Intersect) (Download Play)
Battle of the Elements
Bejeweled Twist
Box Pusher (Download Play)
Cake Ninja
Cake Ninja 2
Chess Challenge!
Clash of Elementalists
Clubhouse Games Express Strategy Pack
Combat of Giants Dinosaurs
Crazy Cheebo Puzzle Party
Curling Super Championship
Dairojo Samurai Defenders (Download Play)
Everyday Soccer (Download Play)
Ferrari GT Evolution
Flight Control
Galaxy Saver
Glow Artisan
Go Fetch! 2 (Download Play)
Heathcliff - Spot On
Hot n Cold a 3D Hidden Object Adventure
Ice Hockey Slovakia 2011
iSpot Japan
Magnetic Joe
Paul's Shooting Adventure 2
Puzzle Fever
Puzzle Quest Challenge of the Warlords
Sea Battle
Stratego Next Edition
Where's Wally - The Fantastic Journey Travel Pack 1
Zombie Blaster

4-Player Games:
Asphalt 4
BlayzBloo Super Melee Brawlers Battle Royale
Cosmo Fighters (Download Play)
Crazy Golf
Dragon Quest Wars
Drift Street International
Elite Forces: Unit 77
Escapee GO!
Globulos Party (Download Play)
GO Series Undead Storm
Moke Moke
Need for Speed Nitro-X
Picturebook Games The Royal Bluff (Download Play)
Puffins: Let's Race
Real Soccer 2009
Real Soccer 2010
Scrabble Classic
Scrabble Slam

Zelda Four Swords Anniversary Edition

5-Player Games:
1st Class Poker & BlackJack (Download Play)
Downtown Texas Hold 'Em

6-Player Games:
Pocket Pack - Words & Numbers (Download Play)
World Poker Tour Texas Hold 'Em

8-Player Games:
Clubhouse Games Express Card Classics
Clubhouse Games Express Family Favourites
Bomberman Blitz
Pop Island (Download Play)
Pop Island Paperfield (Download Play)

If you notice anything missing please comment below and I will verify and add it to the list!
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