DSi XL - Power led flashing amber

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  1. sethcathison

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    Nov 13, 2011
    My DSi has recently stopped powering on.
    Im getting a flashing amber power led and when i press the Power button either the blue led flashes on then off or all leds go out.

    I dont think its the battery as i put a multimeter on it and it showed up a 4v

    Ive read up about possible blow fuses (one on the power board and one on the main board) so I opened up the DSi and found the power board fuse. I tested the continuity of F1 but didnt get anything back., so im guessing this is blown.


    Is this the correct thing to do? i just placed the multimeter on either side of the fuse.
    Also does anyone know the location on the one of the main system board?