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    Jan 28, 2021
    New Zealand
    Hi all,

    I've been trying to repair my DSI XL over the past 3 years on and off after dropping it into a swimming pool 7 years ago. I cleaned off all corrosion on the board in the hopes of removing any shorts that may be happening, and also replace both fuses on the motherboard.

    Furthermore, the top screen ribbon cable is totalled due to my recklessness. When I try to turn on the DSI XL, the blue light flashes for a spit second then turns off. This may seem to be no suprise as I am aware that if the top ribbon cable is broken, the DSI XL will not turn on with the blue light AND the bottom screen flashing. This is the thing that is alarming to me. The fact that the bottom screen is not flashing despite the ribbon cable appearing to be all fine.

    Will the DSI XL successfully turn on again once I finally replace the top screen, or the fact that the bottom screen does not flash suggest a bigger issue? The only other issue I could think of is maybe a short, however I cleaned up all visible corrosion, and the only other place I can imagine there being corrosion is beneath the chips on the motherboard. How likely is this to be the case, and am I just overthinking this?

    I tried soldering a 330 ohm resistor between 2 specific points to try to trick the DSI into thinking the upper screen was attached, but this is simply not an option as my fat iron is not sufficient enough to do this.
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    Aug 24, 2017
    It could be a bigger issue, but I don't think there's any way to confirm that without testing with a working top screen. To get the obvious things out of the way first, you are sure that the bottom screen cables and other important cables are all correctly inserted and locked in?

    You could try really hard to solder that resistor, you might blow a fuse if you solder it incorrectly, but I'm guessing you have more spare fuses if you already replaced them earlier. I was able to solder a resistor to an original DS with a soldering iron that probably wouldn't be able to replace those tiny fuses (or I just don't have the skills for precise soldering of surface mounted components).
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