DSi flashing charge light - wont power on !

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    Apr 10, 2007
    hi people and merry xmas to you all. [​IMG]

    ok i have a dsi here

    initially looking at it the chyarge light just flashes upon inserting the charge lead.
    so opened it to check fuses
    the fuse under teh batter board was blown so replaced it.

    so reassembled and still same

    so i took apart another working one i have here and put the working machines battery in the broken console.
    still same
    flashing charge light.
    tried the broken machines battery in mine and it powered up just fine.
    its a usa dsi thats faulty
    mine is uk
    but looking at the batteries and chargers they are both same rating and voltage
    apart from the usa charger which runs on 110v
    im thinking that when the usa machine was plugged in to charge ina uk outlet this has caused the problems ?!

    any1 shed any light on this


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    Jan 14, 2009
    United States
    Some countries use 110/120V, while others use 230/240V. It is very important that you use the correct voltage. Another thing you have to look out is frequency. US uses 60Hz while UK uses 50Hz.

    By plugging a US charger (110V) into UK outlet (230/240V), not only did the voltage/frequency not matched (causing power conversion failed), but you also risk the chance of destroying the US charger.

    My suggestion, try to use UK charger for both DSi. Also look at those fuses again. It is very possible that they were blown again.
  3. dave11674

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    Apr 10, 2007
    hi m8
    i did use my uk charger on both
    mine charges fine
    his charge light flashes

    the fuse was still in tact also
    im not sure but it think the wires from the battery board to the dsi MB were not right as when i tried to pull the connector out it pulled the whole lot off the board.

    in the end i directly soldered the battery wires directly to the MB

    seems to be working just fine now [​IMG]
    my charger is chaging it up just nicely