1. nocash123

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    Aug 4, 2015
    Now that more people are hacking their DSi's, it would be nice if people could start preservation efforts, ie. making backups of their original firmware before hacking the console. Having the backup would be a good idea for being able to unbrick the console if something goes wrong.

    And for preservation, you couldn't release the whole 240MByte firmware dump for copyright reasons. But you could post the directory tree with CRC32's for each file - so one could see which file(s) the different firmware packages did consist of, and if there have been any old file versions prior to the first firmware update, and if the korean consoles did have different font files, etc.

    I haven't created such tree's with crc's myself yet. But in theory, it should work as so:
    - dump the eMMC memory (via hardmod or via dsiware exploits)
    - also obtain your CID and ConsoleID
    - decrypt the dump with twltool and then mount it as virtual disc drive
    - use some compression tool to compress all files from the mounted drive (best make two .zip's, one per partition)
    and then... not sure how that works nowadays... in msdos days one could view the contents (and CRC32's) for .zip files and redirect the screen output to a txt file (eg. via "pkunzip -v file.zip >file.txt"). I guess modern tools like 7zip should still support similar commandline interfaces.

    Please also post some information about the DSi console (as far as known):
    - the version/region shown in system settings
    - did you (or somebody else) ever connect it to DSi Shop?
    - did you (or somebody else) ever install a firmware update on it?
    - did you (or somebody else) ever buy dsiware titles, or does it only have pre-installed titles on it?
    - confirm that the dump comes from a console that wasn't messed with (ie. no manual system downgrades where you've replaced some files by older versions, or installed a patched whitelist, or such stuff)
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  2. CatmanFan

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    Aug 14, 2016
    I would love to backup my DSi NAND, but I don't have any exploits on my system. The only (probably likely) exploitable software I have is the DSi Browser, and the DSi Shop has been closed so I can't download Flipnote.
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  3. DinohScene

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    Oct 11, 2011
    I could get a hold of a lot of DSi's in the future.
    If you really need something, PM me.
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  4. saphiren

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    Jul 30, 2011
    United States
    Version/region: 1.4.5U
    Connected to the DSi shop: Yes
    Has had firmware updates: Yes
    Bought DSiWare titles: Yes - Dark Void Zero, Bird and Beans, and 3DS Transfer Tool. Flipnote Studio and DSi + Internet were preinstalled.
    Virgin dump: Yes, but I don't know how to prove this.
    Other notes:
    - I have a photo that's set to display on the top screen, that's the one under photo/DCIM/100NIN02 in partition 1.
    - Some of the file modification times are from today, probably from my copying them out of the nand dump or from zipping them.
    - 7zip doesn't like to show the crc32 when listing archive contents. Use unzip -vl somezip.zip > sometxt.txt to get the crc32 in the list.
    - If you're on Windows or Mac, download UnZip from Info-Zip's sourceforge page. If you're on Linux, install it through your package manager. (h/t @nocash123 )
    Edit: realized the text files didn't have Windows line endings so I fixed that.

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