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    Nov 21, 2005
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    [​IMG] DSi 1.4 firmware flashcart block bypassed by EZ5i
    Should be released early in the week.

    While the EZTeam sent word that they have bypassed the flashcart block in the 1.4 firmware of the DSi they have now released a video showing the block, the update to bypass it and a working game the other side. This should work on all existing EZ5i carts (no need to buy a new one) but as the team do not have a PC connection or an external updating tool you will need to either have access to a DSi with a firmware lower than 1.4, a DSlite or an original DS to do the update (you can see it in the video below but it should be about 35 seconds work).

    No firm release date yet (some more testing is required) but the aim is for early in the week.


    Thanks to Mbmax for keeping on top of this throughout it all.

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