DSFrotz ver 1.5

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    DSFrotz ver 1.5

    DS-Frotz is the port of Stefan Jokisch and David Griffith's Frotz, based on the GBA version from Jonas Minnberg.
    It can play the majority of Inform files in z3, z5 or z8 format (up to V6 Inform format), with some bugs included... The source code is included in the package... Version 1.5 of DS-Frotz includes :
    • a multi-game main menu
    • a multi-interface inputs : grafiti or keyboard (no voice recogition yet, sorry...)
    • a multi-files in SRAM save/load (up to 5 files)
    • and a brand new text-completion functionnality
    • includes : MiniZork, Freefall, The Magic Toyshop & the source code of DS-Frotz
    [​IMG] DSFrotz ver 1.5

    Note: Other adventure games are available at papafuji'shomepage

  2. Pedro UK

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    Feb 7, 2007
    Having some problems with the interface but I think that's probably more my fault than anything else. This is such a great project for the DS - it's like the machine was built for this kind of thing. The only things I would like to see added would be a note/scribblepad so that I can write notes and draw maps - then it would be poifict!! [​IMG]
  3. ejp

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    Nov 4, 2006
    I love it - by far my favourite homebrew project and will have have much more play value to me than the majority of commercial releases on the ds.

    the work that papafuji has put into packaging all of this is fantastic.

    did I mention I love it [​IMG]