DS_MENU.DAT, _DS_MSHL.NDS (desperate)

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    Jul 18, 2008
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    i just got a R4 but i don't know what i need to make it work. firstly when i went to the r4 web site. i tried to follow the instructions but the r4 didn't even come with the cd. i don't have the _DS_MENU.DAT, _DS_MSHL.NDS and the moonshell folder thingy. currently i am clueless. if anyone is so kind to help me send all Those Necessary stuff to my email: undefined so i can just download all the links you give me to my r4 will make it so much easier.

    PLease Help i am sooo desperate
  2. krazykirk

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    Jul 17, 2007
    You download those files from the website.
    http://www.r4ds.com/download-en.htm - is the download page.

    Choose the v1.18. Kernel.
    Extract the contents onto your microsd card.
    It doesn't matter that the CD didn't come with the R4, it would of most likely been out of date anyway.
    If it still doesn't work after that, there is a possibility of you having a fake.