DS2Win Fusion v0.81c is out!

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    Sep 14, 2007
    DS2Win Fusion v0.81c - March 26, 2008

    DS2Win Fusion is a program designed to allow you to do ALL the things you could do with your PC, harnessing the
    wireless capabilities and touch screen for maximum usability. Play movies, games and browse the net, check emails,
    the sky is the limit! All you need is a windows PC and a wireless router or card.

    This is an customized build of the Win2DS client and server, both the client and server have been enhanced
    to provide new features, higher speed and service quality.

    Note: This release will probably need to be DLDI patched before using (unless you have a R4DS like me and its done automatically)


    server - zoom levels now gradually increase by 0.125 between 1x-2x
    client - change zoom level without swapping screen by holding L before you hold R and use ABXY
    client - dual screen zoom mode now available!