ds2+ new 3ds xl flashcart questions

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  1. Raven01

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    Nov 8, 2015
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    I'm deciding whether to buy Sky3ds or Supercard DsTwo plus but I'm not sure whether supercard handles 9.8... Anyone knows if they do?? I tried looking at their site but there's no FAQ for ds2+ nor can I get their contact. I read somewhere that they do but need confirmation before I buy because its a waste of $ If it doesn't work since they wont take it back. All in all if it does work please state so and tell me different and which one is better. Thank you!
  2. Blue_Mew

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    Oct 2, 2015
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    Well the DSTWO+ will work on your firmware however you will need to be in between versions 4.5-9.2 in order to use the gateway plugin so to summarise the dstwo will be a flashcart capable of playing ds,gba,snes.etc etc.While the SKY3DS works on latest firmware but is limited to playing 3DS roms but you can just get the Cubic Ninja ROM and you have the homebrew channel so you can run emulators have custom themes spoof eshop etc.etc.
  3. feijoa

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    the dstwo + just emulates the gateway card functions.Gateway can only run on 9.2 and under.

    Your only option is sky3ds