DS-X Manager v0.2.6.1 and NDS Trimmer

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    I've been developing this application originally for the DS-X

    You can find a link to it here

    It basically works for any DS cart that uses FAT but since the DS-X was the first one I got I based it around that. The new version i'm writing (v0.3) will be renamed to NDS Manager because it'll be able to support any NDS Flash Cart that uses a FAT file system (including the microSD ones). It supports reading within RAR files and ZIP files and extracts them automatically and includes the option to trim on copy. It also allows creating a library for quicker access to your files.

    Latest versions are:
    v0.2.6.1 (beta) (trim/zip/rar support)
    v0.2.4 (stable) (trim/zip)

    If you are using be sure to include the ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll and unrar.dll also on the forum's page.
    Again, this WILL work for other carts besides DS-X if it uses a drive folder (ie: "E:\")

    Included here is a screenshot of version 0.2.5 though there have been some changes with the revision to 0.2.6.x

    I developed a method for trimming which is safer than dslazy's method (or R4 since they copy dslazy's method). Already people on the forum have claimed that issues they had with trimming using R4's trimmer (issues such as white screen / crashing) didn't happen when trimming using DS-X Manager.

    I have made a stand-alone for the trimmer and called it NDS Trimmer. It is open source and has been ported to C and well as C++. It is available here:
    On that thread, there is already a win32 version, mac os x (universal build). it has already been compiled for even AmigaOS and some have already compiled it for use on linux systems.

    Here a repost of the reason why I released the source code:
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    If u could please explain its uses in detail it would be helpful. [​IMG]