DS-X Firmware downgrader for 512MB/4Gb by Shuny

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    DS-X Firmware downgrader by Shuny

    Downgrade your v1.1.2 512MB/4Gb DS-Xtreme to v1.1.0

    Talented GBAtemp member Shuny (whose most popular creation is most probably his Online Savegames Converter) has released a new tool that enables 512MB/4Gb DS-Xtreme owners to downgrade their devices that have been flashed with v1.1.2 back down to v1.1.0 if they so desire.

    Even though Shuny has tested the program on his own 512MB/4Gb unit he still warns people to use it at their own risks. Shuny takes no responsibility for any malfunctions or damage caused by his tool.

    [​IMG] Warning: Do NOT use this downgrader on 2GB/16Gb devices. It WILL brick your device!

    [​IMG] Update: the DS-X team announced that by using this tool, you are voiding your warranty.
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