DS Weather Report

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    DS Weather Report

    By stravingo

    stravingo has entered into the Dev-Fr coding compo with his entry - DS Weather Report. A very nice looking homebrew weather telling app.[title:DS Weather report]Hello with all,

    after having made two plays on DS (Ka-Boom and Setsuzoku No Puzzle), I launched out for my third realization in the development of a utility. Here thus DS Weather Report, which I subjects in the applications category of the compo Dev.-Fr. How its name indicates it to anglophone among you, this application enables you to have a station weather in the pocket! You will be able to see the situation current weather on a chart (for the moment limited to Western Europe) which you can make ravel and zoomer. Information weather is downloaded by Wifi near the waiter of The Weather Channel. To make function the application, it is thus necessary to be for Access Point.

    You can reach a detailed weather report like with a forecast over 5 days for more than 40000 cities in the world in three manners:

    * Maybe while clicking on the position of this city on the chart if it is a European city.

    * Maybe by selecting the city in a list classified by country (2280 European cities).

    * Maybe while entering directemment its code weather (more than 40000 cities in the world).

    This bulletin is posted on the screen top, the duration of remote loading is 1 to 3 seconds.

    To obtain weather information of ALL the cities appearing on the chart, press on X. the remote loading hard between 30 seconds and 1 min. You will then see the temperatures and the pictograms on the chart for all the cities.

    The topic “Evolution” of the compo was not expected that for the plays, but my application also answers it since it makes it possible to know the evolution of the weather in real time like its evolution over 5 days
    By the way, all the prog is in English (shame one me) but a translation in French is laid down.
    Another thing: the program WILL NOT FUNCTION on an emulator because of the requirements in Wifi, to only thus test on hardware.


    A: Makes cycle the types of information posted on the chart (names of the cities/icons/temperatures). The first time that one supports on A, information weather are downloaded if they had not already been it by a support on X.

    B: Makes it possible to select a city, either in a list of cities classified by country, or while entering its code.

    X: Reactualize the temperatures by downloading information of all the cities whose names appear on the chart.

    Y: Help and appropriations.

    Select: Select the current city as being the favorite city. This information is stored on the linker.

    Start: Fact of appearing on the screen top the weather of the favorite city.

    L/R: Zoom out/zoom in.

    Cross: Displacement of the chart.

    Stylet: Select a city on the chart, selects a city in the list, etc


    1) Take the format of ROMANIAN corresponding to your linker (either DSWeatherReport.nds, or DSWeatherReport.sc.nds)

    2) Patchez the ROMANIAN with DLDI.

    3) Copy the ROMANIAN from your linker, as well as the file “cities.dat” to place in the same repertory.[​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Source

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    Very nice looking app and also (atleast to me) usefull as i quite often have WiFi but not a computer nearby.. but the DS is always with me [​IMG]
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    Sep 9, 2006
    Great GUI, very colorful and professional. I must try this out ASAP!
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    Feb 15, 2007
    I love that you can click on cities (both on map, or search in a list) instead of go-to-your-computer-searching-for-the-right-city-code-thingy like in DSLiveWeather.
    However, the music seems pretty unnecessary... and you can only save one favorite city. So I'll keep my DSLiveWeather a bit longer.

    Btw, really nice GUI (like everyone already commented on), but should've had a map over the world! (Next version perhaps?) [​IMG]

    shaunj66: Nice touch with the "ROMANIAN"s... I guess someone's been using Google Translate? [​IMG]
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    version 0.2 is OUT!!! I have not yet tested to see if more countries are added now.
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    The screenshots make it look alot like Wii Weather Channel, but now on the DS [​IMG]
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    Dec 15, 2003
    Anyone managed to get this to work on a EZflash4 ? normally my homebrew works fine, but this won't load, with or without DLDI, in .nds or .ds.gba [​IMG]
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    Mar 17, 2003
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    I think this would be by far the best ds weather app out there if it had the ability to see places outside of Europe, or at least have multiple profiles so that you don't have to enter custom cities every time. Being able to display temps in F would be nice, and some clean edged icons would be nice too.

    Good work so far, I like it!

    Edit: just noticed that the favorite list displays multiple places. So nevermind on that. However, Fahrenheit would be amazing. (Maybe something you could set independently? IE, depending on location?