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    I am not sure how well this thread will work but I thought I would give it a go. We have a translation requests thread and where it serves the purpose of trying to make sure we do not have a cluttered forum section (and similar for pokemon screening) this I hope will be more for those wanting to get a quick tweak of a game but that do not want to have to try setting up a project or rope in a hacker. This is getting a bit high concept so stepping backwards as part of the ROM hacking guide rewrite I got somewhat into text hacking and saw a handful of games could do with a font hack or two or on a slightly larger scale what can be done if someone came along to play script editor in the classical book/newspaper/magazine sense of the word.

    They were made to demonstrate techniques (ignore the double l in the courier font tweak image) but as a quick sample of what a few minutes effort can do

    As for script editing try from 3:30 onwards and tell me you would not change a thing

    All this said I do not play that many games to drum up examples for this and frankly if it has something interesting as far as code goes I will hack anything (a sentiment shared among several hackers it would seem) so bring up any games you reckon warrant being looked at and hopefully something can be done. You need not be as formal as the translation requests thread but if a lot of work wants to be done then it probably would not hurt and if you can get some picture or video evidence then that would really help your case. As far as English is concerned compared to older consoles life is pretty good but there are some and if you move to some of the other European languages it is pretty terrible (I recall several of our French members panning translations there) so there is definitely no "English only" requirement. Personal preference also flies here so if you say did not like the font but it is otherwise functional say so and something could hopefully be done.

    I will note that puzzle games tend to be images and anything that looks like word art or that would be an image probably is. I should also note the standard (although not as common as say SDAT is for audio) nitroSDK font if nftr which http://gbatemp.net/topic/105060-nftr-editor/ and http://gbatemp.net/topic/303529-tinke-072/ handle well and are well within the scope of most people that wander this section, most other fonts are usually quite simple ( http://filetrip.net/f23649-CrystalTile2-2010-09-06.html handles custom sizes well) and any complexity rarely exceeds something like this. Text is, with the exception of the text as images stuff already mentioned, by and large a pointer driven affair and not editing in a text editor although such things are not unheard of so if you can work it up a bit then definitely do so.