DS phat HELP!! PLEASE!!!!

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    May 21, 2006
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    I really need some help with fixing my ds phat...

    I got a replacement case (VERY SNUG fit!), but still waiting for my top screen...

    Tried it out...

    When I plug in the interface ribbon cable (the long one that goes between the hinge), the ds won't turn on... but if I leave it unplugged, the ds will turn on, the bottom screen will flash white, then turn off... no sound (since the cable isn't plugged in)

    Please help! Is this a fuse problem, or an interface ribbon cable problem?

    Anyone that has a ds phat and could unplug the interface cable, and see if it still turns on (minus the top screen), just to trouble shoot for me, I would love you for life, and have your babies! (well, I can't have your babies, as I'm a guy, but still, I'd be very thankful!)
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    Nov 22, 2005

    If the ribbon (that connect the bottom and top half) is not connected, you won't be able to turn on your ds.
    Actually, if you try to turn it on, your bottom screen will light up for 1 second and the console will turn off.

    You will get the same problem if you connect your "hinge" ribbon without any top screen.

    In your case, your problem has nothing to do with ribbon or fuse. It's only because you have not any top screen. Try to plug your faulty top screen and your nds will turn on.