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    So first things first, pics:

    I've never modded anything in my life before, but my fiancee had started nabbing my DS lite on a regular basis to play Cooking Mama and others, and I figured, since used DS phats are getting cheap enough, I might make a nice present and a little art project out of one.

    I ordered a used DS from gamestop for a (semi) reasonable price, and got it in the mail. My next problem was how to mod it. My original idea involved making decals for scroll on the outside shell that said "Gemina Alba", which means "Dual Screen" in Latin My fiancee is a Classics major, and I figured this would make it somewhat challenging for me and really cool for her. After looking through guides on modding the DS phat (and for those of you out there looking at this with a gleam in your eye, there is next to nothing to help you through), I pounced upon Krylon Fusion spraypaint for painting the shell.

    To get decent looking words on the shell, I ended up buying printable sticker sheets. I smeared some of the paint in the lettering to make it look a bit more "aged" (it is a "Roman" DS, after all), and I kept the original silver finish for simplicity and two-tone coolness. I ended up touching the bottom right section of the top part of the case a little too early, before the spraypaint had completely dried, so there are one or two of my fingerprints on the outside, but other than that, it turned out awesome. She loves it. If anyone would like, I can post a step by step guide on how I did it and what changes I'd make if I did it again, but for now, I just wanted to show it off. What do you guys think?