Ds lite yellowish screen Problem Solved

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    Actually, it's very easy to fix it. You just need to open the battery cover. Below the battery (you don't need to take it out) there are two small screws. Moving them shouldn't void your guarantee. Just twist them with a screwdriver until you get the normal color (while the system is on). Each of the screws is for one of the two screens. Painless and easy, just make sure you don't use a magnetic screwdriver, just in case.

    Let me know if they worked as m [​IMG]

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    To quote something dating back to GBA days (from here):
    I have seen the slow deterioration of a DS LCD for this reason exactly. The fact is, the yellow tint actually comes from a coating put on some (not all) screens used on the touch screen; changing the factory settings risks actually destroying your screen instead of just having a slightly tinted one.

    Very easy to fix. Replace the screen and properly adjust it for the new screen... ok, not so easy. Though, I do suspect DS Lites are coming with some mal-adjusted screens (I've noticed random pixels drifting off color over time since I have had my lite.)
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    You are correct, Nintendo is actually pushing for an investigation into the LCD manufacturer for the Nintendo DS for supplying Nintendo with low quality LCD screen for their systems. If it pans out, Nintendo plans to press a lawsuit forward.