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    Apr 20, 2007
    Over the Christmas holidays I needed a new battery for my DS Lite as it barely lasted 2hrs, so quick to get hold of one I ordered a 1600mAh battery for it off ebay (it was only going for a couple of pounds) so I ordered one and at first it lasted a decent amount of time (I wasnt too bothered about timing it but seemed to last at least 4), however now its struggling.

    The time test I did it on it just now gives me 2h 32min with my m3 real, not much better with an original phantom hourglass cart either, I did some reading up and apparently these batteries are known for being poor at best.

    The only posts I've found about replacement batteries have had people mostly from the US recommending buying an OEM battery from nintendo, but in the UK nintendo expect you to send your DS in and then pay £15 for a new battery when in the USA these cost $15, quite frankly i'm not up for that, i've dealt with nintendo's UK support before and it took around a month before I saw anything again not to mention the price.

    Does anyone have any recommendation's for a good replacement battery, something which isnt nearly as dear or hassle as having to deal with nintendo and lasts a decent amount of time that which is close to the original ds lite battery if not better. I've had a look at a few places but the only place I can seem to find batteries is ebay or more 1600mAh ones on a few other sites.


    Link to Photo of the 1600mAh battery I got off ebay
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    I'm not sure if this will help, but the Dragon brand products seems to have a reasonably good reputation in Asia and as far as I know many places sell these. Did you already try DealExtreme they also offer a lot of DS lite batteries at reasonable prices and free shipping, but don't forget to read the comments.