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    Jun 3, 2007
    United States
    For some reason now whenever I play an official ds cartridge both screens are white for
    about 4 seconds before the game boots up but this never happened before. The white
    screens don't show on boot up with an R4. I tried removing flashme(normal version) off of
    my ds lite to see if that would change anything but it didn't. Something weird did happen
    though after removing flashme, I took the battery out of my ds lite for a little while to
    see what would happen and after putting it back in the ds wouldn't boot to the system menu.
    But if a cartridge was in the system it would start the game up no problem. So I put flashme (normal)
    back on my system and can now access the system menu. So recently I've ran noflashme and
    can access the system menu but haven't removed the battery just in case I won't be able to again.
    So I'm wondering... is my DS Lite dying? Cause if so I was thinking of calling nintendo to see if I
    could get it replaced that's why I removed flashme recently. Oh also my ds lite has a cracked left
    hinge but its been like this for like 2 years so I don't believe it's the problem and this dual white
    screens problem only started yesterday. Should I call nintendo or wait till it's officially dead since
    it still works but for who knows how long/
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