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    Mar 31, 2008
    hey everyone,

    Iv been reading the forums for awhile now (a little over 2 months) just got two DS Lites today and now waiting for my CycloDS Evolutions to arrive [​IMG] . Atm shopping for some screen protectors and a fabric pouch. I read through the Fake screen protectors/cases topics (thanks for the heads up gents) and now looking through Play-Asia.com, but they have two Hori screen protector types.

    * Hori - Liquid Crystal Filter DS Lite
    * Hori - Protection Filter DS Lite

    What is the diffrence ? also id like to hear of what other accessories/apparel you guys have or would recommends ?

    Cases - what cases do you guys have ? on Play-Asia they dont have photos of the inside, so photos and links would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks [​IMG]

    Edit - sorry, if i said cases it means pouches/bags
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    Look closely at the boxes; the Liquid Crystal filter only contains screen protectors, whereas the Protection Filter contains screen protectors and clear plastic stickers to cover the whole of your DS as well, including the outside.

    I use a knitted sock case, brilliant for keeping the dust off while not adding too much bulk but no cartridge carrying space included. But I don't know if they're availiable in Australia/NZ.
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    Get the one with the 5 piece kit, its well worth it.