ds-link save - want to transfer to ds cart

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    Nov 25, 2005
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    I have a ds-link save for the game yoshi touch & go that I want to put onto my ds cart. I tried with rein on my sc sd, but it says transfered success, but the save isn't on the cart, the original save that was on the ds cart was erased though.
    I tried with online save converter at the link below to transfer save type and then try to transfer save to ds cart again, but there is no ds-link save type listed.


    if anybody has any insight about getting a ds-link save to ds cart I would appreciate it.

    Also I have M3 simply and I have action replay cart. There are no cheats for yosh touch & go. but with the ds-link software there are cheats for it. It is in another language though. I was wondering if anybody would know anything about converting the ds-link cheat format to action replay codes, or at least someway to get codes into M3's data base file.
    also what type of codes does the ds-link use?