DS Link 2.00 kernel+client english update

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    Since no-one else has mentioned it yet... in summary
    Now, judging by the images it looks like NDS cheats... Seems to be simple to add cheats, haven't really looked into it - but the update seems to be also geared towards adding cheats and compatibility fixes.

    edit:// all the cht files have chinese descriptions only, and the program only seems to support them when the CRC matches up... couldn't get cheating to work, but I'm not big on that sort of thing anyway.
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    Nov 25, 2005
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    you add cheats to the games through the patcher on the computer it has 8bit 16 bit and 32 bit options, and then you have to enter hex codes, so it doesn't appear to be easy action replay entry codes. But there are premade cheats for the game but each code name is in a different language so there is no understanding on my end.
    It has a lot of codes for games that the M3/R4 don't have them for.