DS-Frotz v1.2

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    DS-Frotz v1.2

    An Inform games Emulator

    DS-Frotz is the port of Stefan Jokisch and David Griffith's Frotz, based on the GBA version from Jonas Minnberg. It can play the majority of Inform files in z3, z5 or z8 format (up to V6 Inform format), with some bugs included... The source code is included in the package... The version 1.2 of DS-Frotz includes :
    • a multi-game main menu
    • a multi-interface inputs : grafiti or keyboard (no voice recogition yet, sorry...)
    • a multi-files in SRAM save/load (up to 5 files)
    • a brand new text-completion functionnality


    DS-Frotz v1.2 released with the source code!
    - 'Version 1.2' means that i have added a text completion option with the stylus input (just draw a slash '/' with the stylus).
    DS-Frotz includes 3 games : 'Mini-Zork', 'Freefall' and 'The Magic Toyshop'.

    [​IMG] DSFrotz ver 1.2