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  1. carsten

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    Jan 4, 2008

    I have bought a Ds fire card for a Nitende ds lite but i can not get to work like i want to. On every wep site is says that it can play movies, mp3 files and games. I also says that it is plug and play and moonshell and DSOrganize is pre installed, but when i look at my card and 2 other cards i have bought for gifts, the only file there is on the F-card is (xmenu.dat ) and than seems to be the startfile for the games. I have no problems to put games on the card and play them.
    The problems than i have is:

    1. when i remove the games from the cart by drag and drop, or i just delete it, it is gone from the card and the card is emty but there is still no space left on the card and when i start the nitendo again all the games is still there, I thought that when you use drag and drop or deleted it it would be gone: What do i do wrong ?? because it can not be right than i need to format the card when it is full ??. Please help

    2. I can not play movies or mp3 music files . Please help

    3. if you know what i have to do og where i can get the files i need to play movies an mp3 files please send me a link

    4.Is there any others that all so have problems to format the card ?, because the instruktion on the homepage for the ds fire card says that you have to : use [A+B+L+R+DOWN] but that did not work for me, i had to use L+R+B+A down that worked for me, but again what do i do wrong ? please please help [​IMG] [​IMG]

    kind regards carsten
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    Nov 26, 2007
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    Hey carsten,

    I have a Fire Card also.

    They advertise that it comes with those applications, but I am pretty sure it doesn't

    You can go to the GBATemp download seciton and download the homebrew real easy though.

    To play media files just download moonshell.

    About your ROMS not deleting...
    That's really odd...

    I say try formatting it.

    To do this, hold

    START and SELECT when booting up the fire card.

    Make sure you have the most up to date firmware also, you can download the newest xmenu.dat at the download section here also.

    Once formatted drag the xmenu onto your card, and start up your card.

    it should be fresh and new.

    Tell me if that didn't work or not! [​IMG]
  3. carsten

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    Jan 4, 2008

    I have now made a format of the cart ( quick one ) and it worked

    I have downlodet moonshel moonshell171_with_dpgtools13.zip and then i start op the setup.exe filen and install it on my ds fire card

    and it works and it works [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] thank you for your help, it was also at better way to format the card, i made at quick format an now i can remove the games an now thay are gone.

    What is the difference between at quick format and a full format and how many times can you do it ??, how did you know to format the card with start and select and boot the card ? if you go to the homepage of the ds fire card it says something else that doesn`t work

    Do you know what DSOrganize is used for?
    Thanks again