DS Emulation - Overall Compatibility Stats

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    Jul 6, 2004
    The DS Compatibility Databases have been updated for the latest emulator versions

    Combining information from the databases, I've calculated the overall compatibility for DS emulation - while the databases offers a range of playability rankings, I've combined these into just three groups for simplicity

    42% of games are currently considered playable (some have been proven to be fully playable) - a few of these are likely to be downgraded to partially playable as the result of further testing

    10% are partially playable (some of the game can be played but it can't be completed) - for fairness, I've also included games with a low playability ranking into this group

    48% are not yet playable (missing graphics, etc makes the game unplayable)

    * these stats are based on the 250+ english games

    Update : the databases have just downgraded one game to partially playable while another has been upgraded to fully playable (one of the testers has completed the game)
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    Nice list, is it for both emulators?