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    Jan 10, 2011
    Ok, I have found this infomation:


    Basically it says:

    It is possible to Unpack Volume 1 of DS Download Station and in the "mb" folder there is an srl file which is the nds ROM that is sent to the downloading DS.

    You can swap the ROM in there for a DS homebrew game!


    The downloading DS must be flashed with flashme otherwise you get a blank screen. This is because the ROM that is downloaded has to be signed with Nintendo's encryption. What flashme does is it just stops the DS from running the check for an encrypted ROM, rather than homebrew.

    Also found in the "mb" folder is a batch file called "sign.bat" it contains this code:

    c:\NitroSDK\tools\bin\attachsign ds_demo_client.srl ds_demo_client.sgn ds_demo_client.srl

    It means that it signs the ROM that gets downloaded so it will run, and not just get a blank screen. It also means that it uses the .sgn file for the signing. I think it's some unique code, anyway I opened it in notepad and a hex editor and I couldn't make much sence of it.


    I heard that you can download the NitroSDK source code from a torrent! I have seen several forums where people say that they have downloaded it and stuff.

    Do you know what this all means?

    If we can get the file:


    From the NitroSDK source, then we can sign DS homebrew! Which means that we can put it in the DS Download Station ROM, and it will work with non-flashed DS's!

    Once we have achived this, then with alot of work, it might be possible to get DS download play working in DS homebrew!

    What do you think?
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    Jun 8, 2011
    If u got the source, attached the sign, pack it into the download play rom, then yeah i think it could be very much possible [​IMG]
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    you opened a door at GBAtemp,... for the new people ofcource [​IMG]
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    attachsign does exactly what is says. It attaches a signature. It doesn't make that signature. DS game developers don't have access to the keys used to sign anything. They have to send their ROM to Nintendo's internal CA to get it approved and signed.
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    is there any updates on this?