DS Commercial Roms on GBAMP!

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    I dunno if any of you guys realize this, but the gbamp can do what the supercard and m3 does, but no as good.

    Check it out, I got the news from "GBA The Movie Way" site:


    Here's the info from Ruegore:

    Here's the news you've all been waiting for:
    You can now play commercial Nintendo DS ROMs on your $25 GBA Movie Players!

    Okay here's the deal. Apparently, a group called "Triforce" took a look at the Max Media Player, and found that it is in fact a COPY of the GBA Movie Player, only tweaked a bit so that it wouldn't work on a real GBAMP. Datel also released a "third-party" warez loader, of which was then cracked and now fully works on a GBAMP, which means you too can now play commercial NintendoDS ROMs on your GBA Movie Player.

    Here's the NFO from the release, well worth a read:
    And the cracked patcher:

    Here's a compatability list:

    Follow the discussion that's been going on here:

    Edit: I can confirm this does indeed work. I have Metroid Prime Hunters fully working, saves and all, no noticable lag. Some roms do not work though, and some are not patchable. I'm not even sure if there will be any support for this to get newer ROMs working, so don't expect this to be your primary backup solution!

    *If repost, sorry I tried searching but nothing came up, also does this mean it can play gba advance games or just DS only?
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    already heard about this its pretty cool i just find it weird when people talked about why cant a gbamp cant play roms and would it be possible to fix everyone said that it was impossible or atleast improbable
    i guess datel is magic

    is the link to the cracked patcher allowed? i thought links of wares/roms and other copyrighted material weren't allowed i assume the cracked pater has datel code inside either or it doesn't bother me i just thought i should ask
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    it isn't and this has alreayd been posted sometime ago. [​IMG]