DS #5852: Ultimate Card Games (USA)

Discussion in 'GBAtemp & Scene News' started by Tempbot, Jun 22, 2012.

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    Awesome. Been waiting years for this.

    Those unaware Ultimate Card Games was probably the best card game collection on the GBA and they announced a DS version not long after the DS was taking off and finally released it last year. They have a very very strong competitor in http://gbatemp.net/threads/ds-5844-card-games-the-classics-europe.326746/ from a last month but I am anticipating good things.
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    The GBA version is better IMO. In this one the music is bland and boring and they've replaced some of the solitaire games that where in the original with mostly freecell and spider type games (and they still didn't add fricken Montana :hateit: ). I'll be sticking to Solitaire Overload for a while longer along with the original GBA game.
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    I gave it a go and it turns out I owe one of the Amazon people an apology as Card Games: The Classics is in fact the exact same game give or take the developer credits (I thought it was another game).... odd as I thought telegames had a reasonable reputation or certainly some brand recognition at least (assuming it was a licensing deal with that being changed and not something else). I guess I stand by what I said in that assessment of it though. GBA version better... perhaps and I agree the music was better there* but touchscreen action is so welcome it makes up for a lot and it was by no means a bad game in the first place.

    Montana solitaire.... never heard of it before today but it ran "let us see if we can learn the rules", " http://bezumie.com/solitaires/montana.php is as good as anywhere" and next thing I know it was 30 minutes later. To that end one of the better Solitaire variations I have seen in some time. Also one of the very few that is not a foregone conclusion (at least until I develop a few more optimal strategies) after a given point or might as well be after a given point which is nice as I can rarely be bother to finish an average freecell game any more and will usually try to figure out a way to instead screw it up. To that end I can see how that might be noted in absence.

    I sense a card/classic board games games of the GBA and DS comparison thread/hacking session coming up.

    *been doing some work on SSEQ injection among other things and might well have something to show for it so Ultimate Card games classical music and other awesome midi edition might be on the cards.