DS #5530: Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS (Japan)

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    I know what's wrong with the game.

    Everyone is looking at the save data! "What could possibly be wrong with the save data!?"

    It is still Anti-Piracy at work:

    AP Screen 1: Black Screen complaining about something. Most likely "An error has occurred please turn off the DS"
    Screen 1: Searching for Keyboard.
    AP Screen 2: "Initializing Save Data, don't turn off the power or remove game card!"
    Tittle Screen
    >Save Data Screen

    AP Screen 2 under normal function should only be seen once.

    If you play the game, and hit a Save point, then go to the Trainer's Card on the Home Menu and click the blue button on the right, then click /Hi/ then you will return to the tittle screen. When you click the button to start the game, you are taken to a load save game screen. You can have up to four save files! The problem is when the game is soft-reset or hard-reset the AP structure starts again.

    "If [hash check A] = [defined value] returns false, setflag "Save Data?" off" Which would cause the "Initializing save data" screen to re-appear.

    Too bad this doesn't to any good because I can't hack my way out of a cardboard box!
    So go ahead and completely disregard this post or poke fun at it. By no means use it as a way to possibly find the proper fix for this game. Never mind me at all. I am just going to raise my Zorua to Level 100 now. Bye.