DS #4817: Sengoku Spirits Moushouden (Japan)

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    does anyone actually know what this game is about? [​IMG]
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    from what i've seen, it's got strategy elements, with tons of logistics involved. kanji-heavy, and certainly not for the faint of heart.
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    How to play "Sengoku Spirits Moushouden" on your DSTT and R4

    1. Download Patch.rar and get a Patch.exe file from the RAR archive.

    2. Drag your ROM and drop it onto the Patch.exe. That's all.

    This path is not only for "Sengoku Spirits Moushouden". It's one of game to be patched by Universal Child's Play Patch.

    The file having the ".bak" extension is the backup copy of the original nds file.

    Credit to Rudolph. [​IMG]
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    Wouldn't YOU like to know?
    As miruki said in the other thread, it's a strategy game similar to Nobunaga's Ambition and other games like it, such as the Romance of the 3 Kingdoms series.

    Sengoku refers the period of war in Japanese history before Japan was unified into a single country. It ended with the Battle of Sekigahara with Tokugawa Ieyasu emerging as the victor.

    I've translated the trailer below:
    Sengoku Spirits
    CODE?????? Director
    ???? Okano Shushin (?--not sure about his first name "Shushin")
    ????????????????? (The creator of the legendary Sengoku game "Hototogisu")

    ?? Producer
    ???? Okamoto Yoshiki
    ????????????? (The most influential producer in the industry)

    ????????????????? The game devoted to all Sengoku fans...

    ???? now here

    ??Spirits??????? Sengoku Spirits

    ???????????? What is the dream of a Sengoku lord?

    ??????????????? A military strategist's secret agenda, buried within history

    ??????????? The time of Sengoku, a country ravaged by fierce generals

    ??Spirits???? Sengoku Spirits: Lord Chronicle
    ??Spirits???? Sengoku Spirits: Strategist Chronicle
    ??Spirits???? Sengoku Spirits: Fierce General Chronicle
    ??????????????????? Each title interwoven into the war-ridden Sengoku period!!

    ??Spirits???? Sengoku Spirits: Lord Chronicle
    ??????? Story Mode
    ???? Oda Nobunaga
    ???? Takeda Shingen
    ???? Uesugi Kenshin
    ??????????????????? The 3 heroes of Sengoku! Re-live the ambition of the supreme rulers!

    ?????????? Special Scenario "Visions"
    DS???????????????????? Featuring a scenario generator system for the first time on the DS!
    ??????????????? Shuffle all the daimyo and vassals in the country!
    ?????? Experience multiple
    ???????? new developments!

    ??Spirits???? Sengoku Spirits: Strategist Chronicle
    ??????? Story Mode
    ???? Yamamoto Kansuke
    ???? Ishida Mitsunari
    ???? Naoe Kanetsugu
    ????????????????? Integral to Sengoku!! Experience the paths of these central figures!

    ??????? "Liege Play"
    ??????????? Become vassal to a lord
    ??????????? Will you aim for advancement in rank?
    ?????????????? Will you seize the opportunity to usurp your superiors?

    ??Spirits???? Sengoku Spirits: Fierce General Chronicle
    ??????? Story Mode
    ???? Shimazu Yoshihiro
    ???? Maeda Toshiie
    *???? Honda Tadakatsu
    ???????????????? The champions of the battlefield! Know the heart of the warrior!

    ?????????? Featuring "Regional Skirmish" Mode
    ??????????????? Decide the outcome of battle by your command!
    ??????????????? Contol the war with your stylus!

    ?? ?? ?? Tactics Tax Cultivation
    ???????????? Various policies form the cornerstone of the kingdom
    ?? ?? ?? Tax Routes Rank

    ?? Open-Field Battle
    ??? Castle Seige
    ???????? The choices of attack
    ??????????? methods affect the battle!

    70???????????????? Play in over 70 renowned Sengoku locations!
    ?????????????????? Multiple scenarios in different time periods with different characters!
    1??????????????????? Also includes "Mini Scenarios" you can finish within 1 hour!

    ????????????????????? Features a rule and hint database, accessible any time!
    ???????????????????????????? Can even be played by people new to simulation games!

    ?????1000????? Featuring over 1000 military commanders!!

    ??????DS??? Nintendo DS Software
    2010?3?18? 18 March, 2010
    3?????????? All 3 titles launch the same day
    ????2,940?????? Price: 2,940 yen each (tax included)*At about 1:29 in the video, Honda Tadakatsu's name is shown as "????", but according to the Japanese Wikipedia the correct kanji is "????". Just FYI [​IMG]