DS #3474: Aibou DS (Japan)

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    Game actually looks interesting, but will never see the light of day in the west probably.

    Looking at the cover art though, I'd like to think of this as a oriental version of Tango & Cash meets Lethal Weapon meets Beverly Hills Cop.

    "On the tough streets of Tokyo, two cops are a collision course. Destination... CHAOS!!!!!!

    Detective Jimmy Yiung, part-time prosecutor, part time surgeon, all cop, has 5 days till retirement. A cop who has taken down white collar criminals by following the letter of the law, this last assignment will be push him over the line. He also wears suits. All the time. Even when he goes swimming.

    He is assigned to work with Detective Johnny Chan, a undercover cop who has been so far under cover that he ended up on top of the covers. A cop who only uses the rule book to violently cave in the head of scumbag criminals who commit crimes... and stuff... but this time, for Johnny, it's personal. He also lost his wife in a water-park accident... so you know... he's got nothing to lose and shit.

    Together, they will investigate the death of Johnny's sisters-boyfriends-mothers-dentists-next door neighbours-dogs-vets-half brothers-masseur, and discover along the way the dark stench of corruption that leads all the way to the halls of government.

    Watch as Jimmy throws the book at criminals, literally. See Johnny suddenly break-down and finally open-up about the death of his wife, when he finds some abandoned kittens.

    The IMMOVABLE OBJECT Jimmy Ying will be hit by the UNSTOPPABLE FORCE Johnny Chan, in this roller-coaster of a movie."
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    At first, with out looking at the box art, I thought this was going to be about a robot dog created by sony. [​IMG]
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    Then again, I never expected an english version of Yajyuu Keiji, now here we are with Tokyo Beat Down for the end of this month... [​IMG]

    If the game's really a lot of fun, there's hope we might see it.