DS #3222: Team Batista no Eikou Shinjitsu wo Tsumugu 4tsu no Chart (Ja

Discussion in 'GBAtemp & Scene News' started by dice, Dec 26, 2008.

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    Unfortunately, the language barrier is too big to cross, however for the little time that I did struggle through it I got the sense it was kinda "Phoenix Wright - Ace Surgeon!".

    I had a conversation with a woman (who I thing was a doctor) and a fat man (who I assumed was the hospital administrator). Obviously, the conversation was in Japanese so I had no idea what was being said, however the whole thing was punctuated by weirdly dramatic noises and strange facial expressions.

    Good chance that all the above is a complete load of crap however and I've got it completely wrong.
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    I thought this was about WWE for a second [​IMG]
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    Actually, I think you probably are more or less right.

    Team Batista no Eiko is the title of a mystery story set in a hospital. It was first a novel (I think), then adapted quite successfully into a movie and then later into a relatively successful tv series which just finished airing in Japan. I think there will also be a sequel to the movie. I've not watched any of these but would like to. But so far, I've only managed to obtain the tv series.

    I'm thinking that this is probably a tie-in to the movie and/or series. Of course, I could be completely wrong too. =)

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  6. The CRC has changed for this one from:

    cvn-btst (F8A40C98)


    ind-batista (090dcd39)