DS #2671 : Ankh Curse Of The Sacrab King (Europe)

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    Contributed by DieForIt
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    Another PC to DS point and click adventure game:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Some reviews say its below average, other say its decent.
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    Feb 2, 2008
    Oh great.. More crap.. [​IMG]
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    This game would be #2671
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    I know [​IMG]
    But there lately to submit them
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    Crap number 2671
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    Good ole Phoenix...
    All the voiceovers are in German, with English subtitles. ARGH! Oh well, game sucks anyway.
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    Aiks~! Voiceovers are in german? seems like lots of bad comments on this game
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    CODE __.: : .
    ____ .\/ | :
    \ / :__ | |
    \/ ________________/\ _ __| \| _ ___|________ __________
    / / \ | \ \ __/ /
    _/ ______/ __ _ | \ _ ______ / \_ _______/
    \_____ \ \ / | \_ / _/ _/____ __)____
    / \ / | / / \ / | \
    _____ /____/ \_____ / \____|\ /____ /
    \_____/ /_______\ \_____/ | \ / \_____/
    | | \ / NeB ^ sOS
    s q u i r e | | \/
    | |
    : |
    - - Release info -------------------------------------------------------- -

    Title [-] Ankh: Curse Of The Scarab King  Xider Games
    Region [-] EUROPE
    Language [-] Multilanguage
    Platform [-] Nintendo DS
    Size [-] 1024 MBiT
    Release Date [-] September 16th, 2008

    - - Game info ----------------------------------------------------------- -

    Travel through ancient Egypt as young Assil, a bold young adventurer
    trying to save himself from a Mummy’s deadly curse.
    Ever the party animal, Assil’s wild ways lead him to break into a
    pyramid to enjoy an all night party with his friends. However, on
    disturbing a peaceful, sleeping Mummy he was immediately punished with
    a lethal curse. Enjoy classic gameplay using the stylus to help Assil
    discover the remedy and break the curse within 24 hours to avoid his
    Feel the sand beneath your feet and the hot sun blazing down from above
    as your adventures begin in the mysterious land of ancient Egypt.
    Become immersed in the beautiful and vibrant Egyptian locations,
    travelling through bustling dusty cities, exotic bazaars and tropical
    dense undergrowth.
    Ankh: Curse of the Scarab King features many colourful and humorous
    characters, including the lovable delinquent Assil; the Pharaoh, who
    would rather party than govern; his beautiful daughter Thara; the
    gossip loving Mummy, George; and Thor, the practical joker. Not all
    the characters are good natured though; beware of Seth, who enjoys a
    good ruckus, and Osiris, God of the Underworld.
    Providing fun and excitement for players of all ages, Ankh: Curse of
    the Scarab King features many engaging puzzles that must be solved in
    order to progress. Enjoy and experience the vivid and enchanting
    surroundings on your adventure, but don’t forget the task in hand,
    Assil’s life must be saved before his time is up!

    Languages: English, French and German!

    Ingame speech is german with english oder french subtitles!

    - - Note ---------------------------------------------------------------- -

    Go out and buy this game! There is so much crap released for Nintendo
    DS - so please support the developers who give us such nice titles like
    this one! This game really deserves it ... we bought it!

    - - Greets -------------------------------------------------------------- -

    ... all old friends ...

    - ----------------------------------------------------------------------- -
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    This should be 2671 if i'm not wrong...
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    Thanks for reminding me!
    I'll fix it in a second, thank you [​IMG]
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    It's a port of a PC point-and-click adventure game. I played a little bit of the PC version, it actually not bad for an adventure game.
  13. Gore

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    I see it listed as "Sacrab" on a number of sites, but common sense and the boxart say "Scarab".
    So... I'd fix that if I was able..
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    Not gonna try it but it seems to have a good concept
    They need to be a little more careful on the storyline of such games
  15. Psyfira

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    Oh hey this title sounds really familiar... I remember looking at the website, wasn't this supposed to be out like a year ago or something? I remember looking for it in the high street and finding nothing. It looks good, but the other reviews are a tad worrying.

    About the subtitles, suck it up. We've been spoilt in English speaking countries, if you think about it we kind of take it for granted that everything's in our language. Besides, when games do get translated you all complain and jump through hoops to put the Japanese audio back in, this is no different [​IMG]
  16. kjean

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    where I'm from
    pc version was fine for me.
    but this, german voices are echoing in my head... uhhhh.
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    It locks up after the final cutscene of Chapter III on my M3Real (tried it with iTouch, Sakura and M3Real). Never had a problem with any other game.

    Could someone please post a savegame which starts at Chapter IV?

    EDIT: Tried it with no$gba and I get the same error there.
  18. Electric_Wizard

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    I think this is going to be released in full English at some point:

    "The voice acting is actually pretty decent, too, although the script is often clumsy and jokes fall flat on more than one occasion. We can only assume that something has been lost during the translation from German to English."

    Taken from:

    Sounds like they've reviewed an English copy to me.

    It's music to my ears because even if this game isn't exactly 'Maniac Mansion 3' it's nice to have a proper point and click game on the DS.
  19. Yummy

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    It's a sound bug.

    - Run the game
    - Choose "Option"
    - Set the sound to 0 (zero)
    - Begin a New Game
    - Play until the final cutscene of Chapter III...

    ...& enjoy! [​IMG]