DS #2402: Journey to the Center of the Earth (Europe)

Discussion in 'GBAtemp & Scene News' started by JPH, Jun 26, 2008.

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    Jun 9, 2006
    You spelled journey wrong JPH
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    THQ movie game = no interest
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    ^Yet you're still compelled to be among the first to post here...

    Anyway, who's tried it yet? I'd like a quick description until I find the game and try it myself.
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    Release grp is XPA, not 2CH.
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    damn magma,do your job! [​IMG]
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    It didn't look too shabby on Hadrian's weekly post, pretty nice graphics but movie tie-in games are never spectacular though Wall-E just got a 7.0 from IGN, not bad...
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    Just did a quick check-out of this game.....

    Seems pretty decent.....you have 3 characters which you must use for their unique abilities (select each character with the touchscreen) There are also inventory items to select on the touchscreen too. It seems to be a platforming adventure set in a limited 3D environment (3D, but mostly left to right). Graphics look nice. I only ran through a bit of the beginning. The initial cutscene was rendered in hardware, not a vid.....see a T-rex, switch to showing a plane, plane lands, peeps find cave and go in. Pick your save slot and start playing. Run and jump, kick lizards off the sides, dodge boulders, used a rope to get across a large gap. That's about as far as I went, but there you are. I'm sure there is a lot more to it. Might be pretty good......if I ever get around to playing it. I tend to like these kinds of games, they make you want to see what will happen next.
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    Man, if a movie has any action in it at all these days, it seems like it gets a game (on almost every platform). I guess the thing that puzzles so many of us with this sort of thing is the idea that someone has to be buying these games, or they wouldn't make them. It's just hard to fathom.
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    Oct 12, 2004
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    Did Mr. Bean have any action in it? [​IMG]
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    kinda.. you had to fight these frogs or something!!

    Oh, you were being sarcastic.. umm. Yeah, I wouldnt know [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    thru rayder's post... it shows tht the game is good enough to be played... the only problem i found with insecticide is movement and shooting which i think this must have solved
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    Mar 29, 2008
    It doesnt look that great...

    Wont be getting this.
  15. Hadrian

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    Oct 12, 2004
    Its not awful I can say that it just lacks anything remotely fun. Some real bad design flaws and really lazy design decisions.

    Some people who "love teh 3Dz" will like it but others will find the lack of fun & depth to be off putting.
  16. funem

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    out of nowhere....

    I beg to differ, movie tie-ins on the whole havent been to bad recently, a definate up-turn in quality, the Narnia and Speed Racer games were top notch.

    Would be nice if people were going to post how bad a game is or dismiss it as bad, they could have at least tried it first. If you have no interest because its a movie tie-in and therefore automatically bad, the your opinion is not even worth reading.
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    I wanted to give my impressions. I posted this on the game's Gamefaqs board, but no one really is there. Just don't judge me too harshly as this is PERSONAL OPINION ON A SHORT PLAY.

    "This is based on a movie I probably won't see (unless reviews are great). The game is a fully 3D action/platform game.

    You can run around in a 3D space, but the camera sometimes restricts you to a sidescrolling movement. You can move in 360 degrees, but the movement freedom is a bit like Paper Mario out of battle (only a bit worse). The path branches off occasionally and there's a lot of secrets and passages to be found.

    The graphics aren't the best, but they are good. The cutscenes are in full 3D and hark back to the days of N64. The textures are a bit grainy and pixelated, but the game is smooth and seems to be without slowdown or lag from my limited play.

    Sound is pretty much garbage. The music is pretty boring and the characters just make bored grunting noises. If the character falls to his/her death, they sound a bit bored and the grunt is akin to getting that stubborn piece of crap out (AHHHHHH).

    Gameplay has some variety at least. You are inside the earth (obviously) and are exploring it. There's a fair amount of platforming and that seems to be the main focus. It's handled pretty well and is probably the funnest part of the game. You can choose between 3 characters (two guys and a girl) which don't seem to have ANY personality. They each have their own abilities. The first guy can climb walls and excavate for fossils and resources, the girl can toss a rope to swing across chasms, and the bigger guy can place bombs to blow up blockages in the caves. All three characters can fight cave creatures like giant lizards. The combat is basic and none too interesting.

    Of course, what would a movie licensed DS game be without touch screen minigames? You can access a minigame by pressing a button when a message pops up. The games are as follows:

    The main character has two main abilities that start touch minigames. One is a wall climbing game. You drag his hands alternatively onto protruding rocks in the wall and climb up. The excavation minigame is pretty fun. You break through rock and carve fossils or materials out from the ground. If you've played Spectrobes, it's similar but a bit funner IMO. I don't know what fossils are used for, but the materials help you create tools or weapons.

    The girl can swing a grappling hook to get across gaps. You draw circles on the screen to swing the rope. A green zone appears to tell you where to let up on the screen and throw the rope.

    The third guy can plant dynamite. Tap the flints to start a spark and drag the spark along the fuse wire to the explosives. BOOM!

    Overall, I haven't played it but for a few levels. It seems to be better than some movie games, but the characters are lifeless and the sound is garbage.

    Graphics: 8/10. Grainy, but pleasant. No slowdown. Caves are detailed and fun.
    Sound: 5/10. It won't make your ears bleed, but it's mediocre.
    Gameplay: 7/10 Platforming can be fun. Combat not so much. Minigames are a mixed bag. Excavation is fun.
    Control: 8/10. Few problems here. Mostly static camera helps the lack of analog stick.
    Lasting Appeal: N/A. I haven't played much into the game so I can't say how long it is.

    Overall from what I have played, I'd give this game an 7/10. The platforming is good and the excavation is fun. Navigating the caves can be neat. Try before you *PIRATE* (fixed for GBATemp). My score may change when I play the rest of the game."

    I'll answer any questions that I can, but keep in mind that I've only played this game for about 30 minutes.
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    Thanks for the post, granville. I'll definitely have to check the game out for poops & giggles, but I won't expect much. As Hadrian had alluded to already, and something these types of games generally tend to exhibit, I expect a lack of inspiration. That's the real thing about movie-tie-ins -- the inspiration is to skim money off the name association, rather than to just make a good game, and that comes across all too well with the finished product, in most cases.